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Hot Wheels Car Culture Canyon Warriors '87 Ford Sierra Cosworth

These modern classics are certainly a steadfast way to carve on those winding canyon roads — in style! Canyon carving is nothing new. Some of the more invigorating roads in the world persist where elevation changes occur. These winding roads give you a chance to feel your car and become one with it. The models in this #Car Culture mix aren’t the typical Canyon Warriors I think of, but they do represent a period of time where modern and classic genres now collide. Three of the five cars — ’87 Ford Sierra Cosworth, ’89 Porsche 944 and Mercedes-Benz 500 E — are from the last ’80s / early ’90s. The other two — ’73 Volvo 142 GL and ’01 BMW M5 — serve as chronological bookends for this exhilarating mix which is essentially the European version of last year’s Mountain Drifters.