About Us

Owners Michael & Kara, die-cast car collectors and overall car enthusiasts, were inspired to open the retail store to continue their passion for the hobby and share it with others. The store features well known brands such as Hot Wheels, M2 Machines, Greenlight, Jada, and many more, as well as other fun accessories and car-related crafts and hobbies.

About House of Cars

House of Cars was started in a garage in California by CJ Cramer. It began as a custom diecast car online only site in 2017. The original name of the store was House of Customs. Seeing the need for not just custom diecast but all diecast, the name was changed to House of Cars and the first retail location was opened in a warehouse in Modesto California, home of American Graffiti. House of Cars Florida will be the fifth store to open, joining locations in Ripon, CA, Riverside, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Lexington, NC to provide collectors and novices with the best selection of new and custom diecast cars and accessories.